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  2. Highlighted: “Bocil means ‘small child’, whereas bogel is a term used for people with short bodies”…
    Bocil is basically another phrase people 'nowdays' use to refer to children aged 3 to 10 years old.
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    What does bocil mean?That term sounds underestimating though. Often used to make fun of or mock a kid.|Bocil stand for bocah cilik The meaning is small child|It stands for /bo/cah ke/cil/ and it means kid. You can use it to refer to children or someone childish|"bocil" = bocah cilik, Bocil is a slang, which is commonly used by young people|it's mean a kid|children
    What does bocil Kematian mean?bocil is abbrev for " bocah kecil" which means kiddo, and kematian is means death. bocil kematian itself is nickname of Windah Basudara fanbase. sometimes also refered as "bocah kematian" which means the same. bocil kematian is means kiddos that behave badly. it might be similar to neighbor kid. " damn you, bocil kematian!"
    Are bocil and Bogel related?Conclusions? First, “bogel” is Betawi and it meals small or short. Second, “bocil” and “bogel” are not related, at least there’s no concrete evidence that points to it other than a coincidence. That paper I cited earlier was a red herring.
    How is Bogel used in a sentence?Well, if you remove “kunti” from the equation you get to see how bogel is used in a sentence, most notably, it is used as an adjective. Bogel is used with a noun. WHY is this important you ask?
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