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  2. Bocah cilik

    Acronym of bocah cilik.
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    What does bocahcilik stand for?Acronymof bocahcilik. Pronunciation[edit] IPA(key): [botʃɪl] Hyphenation: bo‧cil Noun[edit] bocil(first-person possessivebocilku, second-person possessivebocilmu, third-person possessivebocilnya) (slang)child Synonyms:acil, anak-anak
    What is the treatment for boils?


    MBBS · 3 years of exp

    The treatment method for boils or small abscesses depends upon their severity and site of occurrence. For example, treatment for minor skin abscesses or boils is by letting them burst naturally and heal without any intervention. This may require one week time. But for large boils or the ones which are near any vital organs, immediate management like incision and drainage along with prescribing the course of appropriate antibiotics with regular dressing is required.
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    Are bocil and Bogel related?Conclusions? First, “bogel” is Betawi and it meals small or short. Second, “bocil” and “bogel” are not related, at least there’s no concrete evidence that points to it other than a coincidence. That paper I cited earlier was a red herring.
    What is the difference between a boil and an abscess?

    Dr. Rinta M Babu

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    Boils are usually covering small areas with a thin layer of skin over it. However, abscesses are usually large, which contain pus in the deeper tissue and is tender to touch.
    Q&A: Boils
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