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    Where can I download yolov8 models?YOLOv8 Detect, Segment and Pose models pretrained on the COCO dataset are available here, as well as YOLOv8 Classify models pretrained on the ImageNet dataset. Track mode is available for all Detect, Segment and Pose models. All Models download automatically from the latest Ultralytics release on first use.
    What are the download utilities in ultralytics Yolo?Learn about the download utilities in Ultralytics YOLO, featuring functions like is_url, check_disk_space, get_github_assets, and download.
    What is Yolo-lit?YOLO-LITE [ 19] is a lightweight version of YOLOv2, which is faster than Tiny-YOLOv2 but with a lower average precision. This section introduced complex networks such as ResNet, YOLOv3, and HRNet, and lightweight networks such as MobileNet and YOLO-LITE.
    What is Yolo Lite?Yolo-lite: a real-time object detection algorithm optimized for non-gpu computers. In 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), pages 2503–2510. IEEE, 2018. Gabriel Oltean, Camelia Florea, Radu Orghidan, and Victor Oltean. Towards real time vehicle counting using yolo-tiny and fast motion estimation.
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