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    How do I Find my public IP address?To find your public IP address, you can scroll up to the top of this page. It will show you your IP, the location you’re connecting from, your service provider, and whether or not your traffic is secured. How an IP address looks depends on the Internet Protocol version it’s using — IPv4 or IPv6. Most internet service providers still use IPv4.
    Is my IP address public on Wikimedia sites?Any information you post publicly on the Wikimedia Sites is just that – public. For example, if you put your mailing address on your talk page, that is public, and not protected by this Policy. And if you edit without registering or logging into your account, your IP address will be seen publicly.
    Can I edit Wikipedia with an IP address?Editing Wikipedia with an IP address as your identifier is often less anonymous than editing with a normal account. Why is this the case? Your IP address usually links you to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and that often links you to a particular geographical location, or to a particular company.
    Does Wikipedia record IP addresses?So my little cousin (10 years old) thought it would be funny to mess with my laptop and decided to make edits on Wikipedia. I found out after I saw it in my history. It turns out, Wikipedia records IP addresses. How do I request to remove my IP address? Please let me know! Are you sure it wasn't you making the edits until you figured it out?
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