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  2. Your DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) lease time given to your IP address has expired. Your ISP (Internet service provider) changes their network infrastructure. Causing how IP addresses are assigned to change. ISP changes the center or router responsible for your address.

    Here are some common reasons why your IP address may change:

    • Network Router Resets: When your network router is reset, either intentionally or due to a power outage, it may reassign IP addresses to connected devices. ...
    If you are talking about your public IP address it's normal that it'll get changed quite often, unless you have signed up on your ISP for a static public IP address (ex. you told you're ISP that you'll be running a web server). It's normal for the IP to change in intervals, days, hours or even minutes if your ISP has lots of users.
    An IP address changes if you go to another place, because there's different towers (cellphone network towers) in different places so that is how it changes.
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    Code sample

    a) You connect, router gives you
    b) You disconnect
    c) Some other PC connects and gives
    d) You connect again and router gives you
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