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  2. Porting is the process a game undergoes during development in which a finalized version on one platform is converted for usage on another. By the end of the porting process, the game is meant to run natively on the new platform and use its technological capabilities accordingly.
    Simply put, "Video game porting is the process of adapting a video game to run on a different platform." It involves making necessary changes and adjustments to an already existing game to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently on the target platform.
    Porting a game essentially means that developers will take a game designed to work with a specific platform and make it work on another. In other words, you can think of the process as translating something into another language so that others can enjoy the same content, except that we’re talking about different game platforms.
    Game porting is the process of converting a game built for one platform to another. Whether it's porting a PC game to Nintendo Switch, a console game to iOS or an Android game to PC, adapting a game for a new platform is challenging and time-consuming.
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