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  2. Cylinder head porting, often simply referred to as porting, is a meticulous process that involves reshaping and modifying the intake and exhaust ports of an engine's cylinder head.
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    What is cylinder head porting?And although many petrolheads are obsessed with forced induction, cylinder head porting is a much less drastic but worthwhile modification that could bring a few more horses to the stable. Cylinder heads are manufactured using a casting process, with cast iron or aluminium alloy being poured into a template to solidify.
    What is Engine Porting?Summary Engine porting, also referred to as “port and polish,” is the process of smoothing out any form of obstruction that can restrict airflow in the cylinder heads. Engine porting is necessary to correct any cast flash, which is a defect that results from metal leaks during the casting process for cylinders.
    How can head porting improve engine performance?Here are some head porting secrets that can transform your engine's performance: Understanding Airflow: Cylinder head porting revolves around maximizing airflow. Engineers analyze the intake and exhaust flow paths, studying the pressure differentials and flow velocities to identify areas that can be improved.
    Does engine porting save cylinder heads?While engine porting is a great way to prolong the lifespan of cylinder heads, there are cases when porting isn’t enough to save them. In this scenario, it’s best to look for a replacement cylinder headinstead of clinging to the small chance the old one can power through and work as intended.
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