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    cybercrime (noun) · cyber-crime (noun)
    1. criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the internet.
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    What is a cybercrime?The list of criminal activities made possible by the widespread use of computers how grown exponentially in recent decades, and includes such acts as dissemination of computer viruses, network intrusion, identity theft, and even electronic bullying, stalking, and terrorism. To explore this concept, consider the following cybercrime definition.
    How does cybercrime work?Cybercriminals — ranging from rogue individuals to organized crime groups to state-sponsored factions — use techniques like phishing, social engineering, and all kinds of malware as part of their cyber attacks. Find out how cybercrime works and how to protect yourself with free comprehensive security software. Get it for Android , iOS , Mac
    What are some examples of cybercrime?Cyberespionage (where hackers access government or company data). Interfering with systems in a way that compromises a network. Infringing copyright. Illegal gambling. Selling illegal items online. Soliciting, producing, or possessing child pornography. Cybercrime involves one or both of the following:
    What is a cybercrime & how does it affect a business?Or cybercriminals may stop users from using a website or network or prevent a business providing a software service to its customers, which is called a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack. Cybercrime that uses computers to commit other crimes may involve using computers or networks to spread malware, illegal information or illegal images.
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