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  2. 1 : to look into or over carefully or thoroughly in an effort to find or discover something: such as a : to examine in seeking something searched the north field b : to look through or explore by inspecting possible places of concealment or investigating suspicious circumstances
    Updated: 08/16/2021 by Computer Hope Sometimes called seek, a search is a function or process of finding letters, words, files, web pages, or other data. Many operating systems, software programs, and websites contain a search or find feature to locate data.
    to try to find something or someone: I'm looking for my keys. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find my glasses.
    to try to find a piece of information by looking in a book or on a computer: If you don't know what the word means, look it up in a dictionary.
    Examining closely or thoroughly; probing: a searching investigation of their past dealings. 2. Keenly observant: searching insights.
  3. People also ask
    What does search mean?Search means to look to find something that is missing or whose location has been forgotten or is unknown. It also means to carefully examine a person or thing to find something that is hidden. A more modern meaning of search is to enter a query on a search engine or website in order to find a specific page or piece of information.
    Where does the word search come from?The term "search" originates from the Old French word " cerchier ," which means "to search." Its roots can be traced back further to the Latin word " circare ," which means "to go about, wander, traverse." But its usage isn't confined to the English language.
    What does'search is on' mean?The search is on (= has begun) for someone to fill the post. search of something Detectives carried out a thorough search of the building. Police conducted a fingertip search of the garden. in search of somebody/something She went into the kitchen in search of (= looking for) a drink. Eventually the search was called off. Want to learn more?
    What is search noun?Definition of search noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary an attempt to find somebody/something, especially by looking carefully for them/it The search for a cure goes on. The search is on (= has begun) for someone to fill the post. search of something Detectives carried out a thorough search of the building.
  4. Dictionary

    search (verb) · searches (third person present) · searched (past tense) · searched (past participle) · searching (present participle)
    1. try to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly:
      "I searched among the rocks, but there was nothing" · "Daniel is then able to search out the most advantageous mortgage" · "Hugh will be searching for the truth"
      fish around
      look high and low
      cast around
      ferret (around)
      root around
      rummage around
      scout out
      • examine (a place, vehicle, or person) thoroughly in order to find something or someone:
        "she searched the house from top to bottom" · "the guards searched him for weapons"
        hunt through
        scrabble around in
        root around in
        ferret (around) in
        rummage around in
        rummage in/through
        forage through
        fish around in
        poke around in
        grub around in
        delve in
        sift through
        rifle through
        go through with a fine-tooth comb
        turn upside down
        turn inside out
        leave no stone unturned in
        roust around in
      • look for information in (a database or the World Wide Web) using a search engine:
        "search our online archive for stories dating back to February 1996" · "I must search the internet for one of his pictures" · "you can search for recipes by topic or by entering a keyword"
    search (noun) · searches (plural noun)
    1. an act of searching for someone or something:
      "the police carried out a thorough search of the premises" · "he plans to go to the Himalayas in search of a yeti"
      ferreting (around)
      rummaging around
      rooting around
      pursuit of
      seeking after
      searching for
      hunting for
      looking for
      on the lookout for
      in quest of
      in pursuit of
      on the track of
      questing after
      chasing after
      • an act or instance of searching a database or the World Wide Web:
        "time-consuming searches of the internet"
      • computing
        the systematic retrieval of information, or the facility for this:
        "the advanced search includes options for sorting by date and specifying the news source" · "users will abandon a site if the search function doesn't work well"
      • law
        an investigation of public records to find if a property is subject to any liabilities or encumbrances.
    Middle English: from Old French cerchier (verb), from late Latin circare ‘go round’, from Latin circus ‘circle’.
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