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    protect (verb) · protects (third person present) · protected (past tense) · protected (past participle) · protecting (present participle)
    1. keep safe from harm or injury:
      "he tried to protect Kelly from the attack" · "certain vitamins may protect against heart disease"
      • preserve or guarantee by means of formal or legal measures:
        "free speech is protected under Article 33 of the Constitution"
      • aim to preserve (a threatened species or area) by legislating against hunting, collecting, or development:
        "the first federal legislation protecting bison was enacted in 1894" · "the wetlands have been protected since 1998"
      • economics
        shield (a domestic industry) from competition by imposing import duties on foreign goods:
        "Japan's Ministry of Trade & Industry erected barriers to protect the country's infant computer industry"
      • computing
        restrict access to or use of (data or a memory location):
        "security products are designed to protect information from unauthorized access"
    late Middle English: from Latin protect- ‘covered in front’, from the verb protegere, from pro- ‘in front’ + tegere ‘to cover’.
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    1. keep safe from harm or injury:
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    What is protect verb?Definition of protect verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary [transitive, intransitive] to make sure that someone or something is not harmed, injured, damaged, etc. protect somebody/something/yourself (against/from something) Troops have been sent to protect aid workers against attack.
    What is the meaning of protect?to provide, or be capable of providing, protection: a floor wax that protects as well as shines. pro•tect′i•bil′i•ty, pro•tect′a•bil′i•ty, n. 1. screen, shelter. See defend. 1. attack. In Lists: Computer file operations, PET Vocabulary List - P, more... Synonyms: guard, defend, keep sth safe, keep sth intact, watch over, more...
    What does protect mean in a sentence?Tom willingly let the subject drop; his own desire was to appear natural, to protect her, to save her pain. Protect definition: to defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insult, etc.; cover or shield from injury or danger.. See examples of PROTECT used in a sentence.
    Where did the word protect come from?The word protect came into English by way of the Latin verb protegere, a combination of pro- meaning “in front,” and tegere, meaning “to cover.” When you protect something, in a way you’re covering it or shielding it from harm.
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    Meaning of protect in English protect verb uk / prəˈtekt / us / prəˈtekt / Add to word list B1 [ I or T ] to keep someone or something safe from injury, damage, or loss:

    Webster Dictionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: Protect verb. to cover or shield from danger or injury; to defend; to guard; to preserve in safety; as, a father protects his children.

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