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    Backporting is the action of taking parts from a newer version of a software system or software component and porting them to an older version of the same software. It forms part of the maintenance step in a software development process, and it is commonly used for fixing security issues in … See more

    The simplest and probably most common situation of backporting is a fixed security hole in a newer version of a piece of software. Consider this simplified example:
    • Software v2.0 had a security vulnerability that is fixed by … See more

    The process of backporting can be roughly divided into these steps:
    1. identification of the problem in the older version of the … See more

    Many features of Windows Vista were backported to Windows XP when Service Pack 3 was released for Windows XP, thereby facilitating compatibility of applications (mostly … See more

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  4. WEBSerial port. A male D-subminiature connector used for a serial port on an IBM PC compatible computer along with the serial port symbol. On …

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    • WEBDisplayPort connector A DisplayPort port (top right) near an Ethernet port and a USB port. DisplayPort (DP) is a proprietary digital display interface developed by a consortium of PC and chip manufacturers and …

    • WEBPort of Seattle. Pier 69, the present-day Headquarters for the Port of Seattle. The Port of Seattle is a government agency overseeing the seaport of Seattle, Washington, United States as well as Seattle–Tacoma …

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