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    What is next JS & Vercel?With Next.js, we built the easiest way to be productive with React. With Vercel, we are providing the easiest way to deploy projects made with Next.js or any other web framework. Deploy Next.js applications on Vercel, the platform it was made for. The world's leading companies use Next.js and Vercel to build production-grade websites.
    How do I deploy a next JS application in Vercel?The CLI will prompt you to configure project settings, including the deployment name, framework (Next.js), and build options. As Vercel automates the build and deployment of your Next.js application, keep an eye on the progress updates within your terminal. Once the deployment concludes, you’ll receive a URL directing you to your live application.
    Can I self-host next JS on Vercel?Deploying to Vercel is zero-configuration and provides additional enhancements for scalability, availability, and performance globally. However, all Next.js features are still supported when self-hosted. Learn more about Next.js on Vercel or deploy a template for free to try it out. You can self-host Next.js in three different ways:
    How are next JS features enhanced on Vercel?Let’s take a look at how these new Next.js features are enhanced on Vercel. Environment variables allow you to store and use secrets in your applications without exposing them. Next.js and Vercel have built-in support to conveniently manage environment variables across teams and the project lifecycle.
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    WebSep 13, 2022 · Next.js and Vercel have built-in support to conveniently manage environment variables across teams and the project lifecycle. The latest release of Next.js extends Fast Refresh to some configuration …

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