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    Can anyone see my IP address if I'm not logged into Wikipedia?It depends. The operators of any website that you visit can see it. If you are not logged into Wikipedia, your IP address is publicly recorded with every edit that you make. If you are logged in, your IP address is hidden from all but a very small number of trusted administrators.
    Can I edit Wikipedia with an IP address?Editing Wikipedia with an IP address as your identifier is often less anonymous than editing with a normal account. Why is this the case? Your IP address usually links you to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), and that often links you to a particular geographical location, or to a particular company.
    How do I Find my public IP address?One simple way to find your public IP address is to ask Google. The steps are pretty easy: Step 1: Open any web browser. Step 2: Go to Step 3: Enter What is my IP address in the search field. Other websites will list your public IP address along with additional information, such as your rough location and latency.
    How do I unblock my IP address on Wikipedia?If you are currently blocked from creating an account, and cannot create one elsewhere in the foreseeable future, consider requesting one at Wikipedia:Request an account. Requests to unblock your IP address even if you are innocent will generally not be granted.
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