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  2. To show all searches on this computer, you need to12:
    • Open a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.
    • Click the menu icon, which may look like three dots, three lines, or a gear.
    • Click History, or hover your mouse over Library and then click History.
    • Review your browsing history, which shows the websites you have visited and the searches you have made. You can click on a listed website to open it in the current tab.
    Learn more:

    Checking Your Browser History

    • 1 Open a web browser. This might not be the default web browser on your computer, so look for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla, or other web browsers.
    www.wikihow.com/How-Do-I-Check-the-History-on …
    • 1. While you have Microsoft Edge open, click/tap on the Favorites (Ctrl+I) button, and click/tap on History. (see screenshot below)
    • 2. You will now see your browsing history. You can click/tap on a listed website to open it in the current tab.
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    How do I view my search history?This wikiHow will teach you how to view your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari history on both desktop and mobile platforms. Locate your browser’s “History” settings to find your search history. On an iPhone, the History tab is found by selecting the book icon in the Safari app.
    How does Windows Search a file?When you search for a file, Windows examines the search index to see what matches on your PC. This makes the search process fast, but it means that the search indexer has to continually run in the background and watch for new files in the folders you choose to search. To make Windows search your everything on your PC, select "Enhanced."
    How do I use search on Windows 10?If you launch a query from the Start menu, the system will switch to Search home experience as you click the box. For even quicker access to Search, you can press the Windows button on the keyboard and start typing to perform a search.
    How do I use Microsoft Search?You can also use Search to find files and people in your work or school organization through Microsoft Search . The search box in Start and Search will periodically update with new content and a fun illustration to help you discover more, stay connected, and be productive.
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