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    What does 'Lollywood' mean?The word "Lollywood" is a portmanteau of "Lahore" and "Hollywood", coined in 1989 by Glamour magazine gossip columnist Saleem Nasir, and is usually used comparatively with respect to other film industries in South Asian cinema .
    Why is Lollywood important in Pakistan?Lollywood is Pakistan's film industry, which has served as the base for both Urdu - and Punjabi -language film production. Lahore has been the center of Pakistani cinema since independence in 1947.
    Why is Lahore called Lollywood?"Lollywood" is a portmanteau derived from Lahore and "Hollywood", a shorthand reference for the American film industry, Hollywood . Prior to the 1947 partition of India into the Republic of India and Pakistan, the Lahore film industry was initially part of the British Raj -era cinema of India.
    What is the story behind goonda & Gandasa era of Lollywood?The real-life characters behind the goonda and gandasa era of Lollywood... The scene is from the 1979 Lollywood film Wehshi Gujjar. On the face of it, to any modern critic of the Punjabi film industry, the story follows the 'tried-and-tested' Punjabi film formula: honour, bharaks (grandiose boasting), machismo and violence.
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    WebThese stories have ONLY been previously available on a paysite. Now I am making them available at Loliwood Studios for FREE! Loliwood Studios also provide you with the opportunity to leave a review for each and every …

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    WebJul 12, 2022 · Seriously, a heartwarming story. 6. Bum Bum Bole Source. Bum bum bole is an official adaptation of the famous award winning Iranian film ‘ Children Of Heavens’. This is the story of a 12 year old who was …

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