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    Web Resulttony stark Meme Templates. Face You Make Robert Downey Jr. Add Caption. Marvel Civil War 1. Add Caption. Relief. Add Caption. Robert Downey Jr's Comments. Add Caption. Marvel Civil War. …

  3. Web ResultI'm Stuff refers to an exploitable four-panel image depicting a fan-written exchange between Spider-Man: Homecoming characters …

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      Is Tony Stark a good comedian?Despite his flaws, Stark is also one of the best comedians of the Marvel franchise with plenty of witty one-liners and sarcastic charm. Audiences have taken to his personality and created suitable memes; here are 10 of which that would make Tony Stark himself laugh! You feel you're ready for one Hell of a weekend.
      Was Stephen Strange like Tony Stark?Case in point, Benedict Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange was quite similar to Tony Stark, where the two shared the same ego-fueled sarcasm. Like Stark, Strange is a dry character who isn't afraid of speaking his mind to comedic effect.
      Did Tony Stark try a shawarma place in 'the Avengers'?This meme is obviously a clear reference to the end-credits scene of 2012's The Avengers. As viewers might recall, the film ended with Tony Stark kicking back with the rest of the Avengers, trying a shawarma place he had spotted during their battle with the Chitauri.
      Did Steve Rogers tell Tony Stark that Bucky was his friend?When Steve Rogers tells Tony Stark that Bucky is his friend in Captain America: Civil War, a furious Stark answered with “So was I.” This was appropriately brutal, as it signaled an end to the friendship of Steve and Tony – and this meme plays along with that very idea.
    • Web ResultAbout. "Everywhere I Go, I See His Face" refers to a memorable scene from 2019 film Spider-Man: Far From Home in which character Peter Parker (Spider-Man) reminisces about character Tony

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