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  2. � 17 USC �� 101

    Tickie's works are fully protected under The United States Copyright Laws � 17 USC �� 101, 102 (a), 302 (a). All Rights Reserved.
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    What is the story of our tickies?The story of our Tickies is a long and beautiful one, having started some 60 years ago when the kids in our families started calling their blankies, Tickies. Since then, the name has been something that has been passed on through every generation, with each new family member and each new Tickie. But it is so much more than just a name to us.
    Is there a rule book for using Tikkie?There’s no official rule book for using Tikkie — but there really should be one. With their reputation for being both direct and stingy, Dutch people seem to have no problems navigating the unspoken rules of the payment platform. READ MORE | What is Tikkie? How to use the Dutch’s favourite payment system
    What is a copyright page?A copyright page is a section at the front of a published book that lists its publication, legal, copyright, and printing details. While it doesn't contribute to the reader's experience, it is a useful resource for anyone looking to find out technical information about the book.
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