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  1. Bokep

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    What is search encrypt?Search Encrypt Search Encrypt is a privacy-oriented search engine that protects your internet searches. The browser will protect your searches with AES-256 bit encryption with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and won’t track your search history. In fact, the search results will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity.…
    What's new in search encrypt?If you’ve been using Search Encrypt for awhile now, you may have noticed a new “News” tab added to our search engine. You can search for the latest news and we will return the top results from top news sites like BBC News, Fox News and CNN News. Another recent addition we’ve made is our private maps search.…
    What is a secure search engine?That’s where secure search engines come into play. A secure search engine does not track user data and returns results with additional protection and privacy. Secure search engines do not track your steps online or store search queries. They boast a range of methods and features for keeping your searches secure.…
    How do I encrypt my Search?Type your search term in the search bar and press “Enter”. Depending on what you’re looking for, choose from Web, Images, Videos, News and Maps. We’ve covered this before here, but we’ll go ahead and cover this again. With our extension installed, your default search engine will be set to Search Encrypt.…
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