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  2. All the scripting languages are programming languages. It is a type of programming language in which there is no compilation and the execution takes place line by line. Generally, a programming language would be first compiled and then executed, but in a scripting language, the program will be executed, and there is no compilation step required.

    Scripting languages are interpreted from source code directly, without the need for compilation, using an interpreter to translate commands. It is important to note that all scripting languages are progr...

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    In computing, a script is a relatively short and simple set of instructions that typically automate an otherwise manual process. The act of writing a script is called scripting. Scripting language or script language describes a programming language that it is used for scripting. Originally, scripting was limited to … See more

    A scripting language can be a general purpose language or a domain-specific language for a particular environment. When embedded in an application, it may be called an … See more

    Script is a subjective characterization that generally includes the following attributes.
    A script is usually not compiled – at least not its usual … See more

    Scripting languages can be categorized into several different types, with a considerable degree of overlap among the types. See more

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    AWK, for text-processing, generally available in Unix-like operating systems
    Bash, interpreted language for scripting Unix and Unix-like operating systems
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    Early mainframe computers (in the 1950s) were non-interactive, instead using batch processing. IBM's Job Control Language (JCL) is the archetype of languages used to control batch … See more

    • Barron, David William (2001). The World of Scripting Languages. Wiley. ISBN 0-471-99886-9. See more

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