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  2. A public IP address is an IP address that is unique to the entire Internet. Public IPs can be accessed globally; therefore, they are often used by publicly accessible entities such as websites, DNS and VPN servers, etc.…
    The addresses which can be freely assigned are called private IP addresses, and the ones which are unique are called public. To be routed, a private address needs to be translated into a public one. This process of translating between private and public addresses is called network address translation, or NAT.
    Editing from a public computer – such as those available at a library or internet café – will make it more challenging for Wikipedia to track you but public IP addresses can raise red flags if the edits are suspect in any way.
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    What is a public IP address?A public IP address is a globally routable unicast IP address, meaning that the address is not an address reserved for use in private networks, such as those reserved by RFC 1918, or the various IPv6 address formats of local scope or site-local scope, for example for link-local addressing.
    What is an IP address & how does it work?An IP address is a long number written in binary. Since such numbers are difficult to communicate, IP addresses are usually written as a set of numbers in a given order. Devices using IP addresses use the internet protocol to communicate. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority assigns IP addresses to regional internet registries (RIRs).
    Is my IP address public on Wikimedia sites?Any information you post publicly on the Wikimedia Sites is just that – public. For example, if you put your mailing address on your talk page, that is public, and not protected by this Policy. And if you edit without registering or logging into your account, your IP address will be seen publicly.…
    What is the IP address of a sending device?The IP address of the sending device is included too, so that the receiving device knows who to reply to, or to request that missing packets be resent. There are two IP standards in use. One is the older and much more common IP version 4 or IPv4, and the other is the newer IP version 6, or IPv6.
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    webJun 14, 2022 · A public IP address is an outward-facing IP address used to access the Internet. Public IP addresses are provided by an internet service provider (ISP) and assigned to the router. It is a unique IP


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