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  2. A public IP address is an IP address that is unique to the entire Internet. Public IPs can be accessed globally; therefore, they are often used by publicly accessible entities such as websites, DNS and VPN servers, etc.…
    The addresses which can be freely assigned are called private IP addresses, and the ones which are unique are called public. To be routed, a private address needs to be translated into a public one. This process of translating between private and public addresses is called network address translation, or NAT.
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    What is a public IP address?Each device that accesses the internet uses a unique IP address. A public IP address is sometimes called an Internet IP. It's this address that each internet service provider uses to forward internet requests to a specific home or business, similar to how a delivery vehicle uses a physical address to forward packages to your house.
    Is a private IP address a public IP address?YES. The address is a public IP address Should an IP packet get out to the Internet with a private IP address as the source address, internet routers should delete it. However if it gets to its destination and a reply is returned, the original sources address, will now be the destination address on the returning packet.
    What is an IP address & how does it work?Every device attached to a network has a number assigned to it. This unique number is called the IP Address, and you might be familiar with the format of: Currently the most common form of IP Address is IPv4 which uses 32 bits to store an address. This means that there are theoretically different IP Addresses that can exist.
    Can a device with a public IP address be directly connected?The remaining addresses are then Public IP addresses and devices with these addresses can be directly connected to the Internet. (NOTE - The word 'directly' used here does not refer to a physical connection, but refers to some modification to the IP packets.)
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    WebJun 14, 2022 · A public IP address is an outward-facing IP address used to access the Internet. Public IP addresses are provided by an internet service provider (ISP) and assigned to the router. It is a unique IP


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