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    porting (present participle)
    1. turn (a ship or its helm) to port:
      "the yacht immediately raised all sail and ported her helm"
    mid 16th century: probably originally the side containing an entry port or facing the port (quayside) for loading.
    porting (present participle)
    1. computing
      transfer (software) from one system or machine to another:
      "the software can be ported to an IBM RS/6000"
    2. carry or convey:
      "we ported the milk cans from the plentiful water supply of the gym"
      • military
        carry (a rifle or other weapon) diagonally across and close to the body with the barrel or blade near the left shoulder:
        "Detail! For inspection—port arms!"
    Middle English (in port): from Old French port ‘bearing, gait’, from the verb porter, from Latin portare ‘carry’. The verb (from French porter) dates from the mid 16th century.
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    What is number porting?Porting your number means transferring your phone number from one service provider to a different service provider. For example, let’s say your number is with NumberBarn, but you want to switch to Bumber-Narn (our arch-nemesis). You will have to port, or transfer, your active number from NumberBarn to Bumber-Narn.
    What does porting mean?Define porting. porting synonyms, porting pronunciation, porting translation, English dictionary definition of porting. n. 1. a. A place on a waterway with facilities for loading and unloading ships. b. A city or town on a waterway with such facilities. c. The waterfront...
    What does port mean?The meaning of PORT is a place where ships may ride secure from storms : haven. How to use port in a sentence.
    What is porting in software engineering?In software engineering, porting is the process of adapting software for the purpose of achieving some form of execution in a computing environment that is different from the one that a given program (meant for such execution) was originally designed for (e.g., different CPU, operating system, or third party library ).
  4. porting 1 [ pawr-ting ] noun Computers. the process of rewriting the source code of a program in a different programming language, or modifying it to run on a different hardware platform or operating system.
    Definition of 'porting' porting in American English (ˈpɔrtɪŋ, ˈpour-) noun Automobiles & Machinery the changing of the size, shape, or location of the intake and exhaust ports in an internal-combustion engine, generally to improve performance
    Porting In software engineering, porting is the process of adapting software so that an executable program can be created for a computing environment that is different from the one for which it was originally designed. The term is also used when software/hardware is changed to make them usable in different environments.
    What Does Porting Mean? Porting is the process of adapting software in an environment for which it was not originally written or intended to execute in. The term is used interchangeably when referring to the changes made to hardware when it has to be made compatible with other environments.
    The act of translating from one programming language or protocol to another. Languages are "translated," and data are "converted." Porting implies changing instructions, not data structures.
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