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    Does Olivia share her name with another person?There's a new girl in Olivia's class and her name is...Olivia! Confusion ensues, and Olivia (the original Olivia) can't believe that she shares her name with another person. On a school trip to the aquarium, Olivia and her classmates compete to be the first to view all the exhibits and win a chance to help feed the sea-lions.
    How does Olivia stop Ian from growing?Tired of having to share with her brother Ian, Olivia sets out on a trip around the block in search of a place free from little brothers. After Olivia teases Ian for being too short for a ride, Father mentions that some day Ian may be the taller sibling. Olivia employs a variety of comical methods to stop Ian from growing.
    Why did Olivia decide to become a painter?Olivia is inspired after a visit to the museum with her family, and decides she's going to become a great painter herself. Olivia and Francine both volunteer to be classroom pet monitor, so the teacher, Mrs. Hogenmuller, tells them each to explain why they deserve the job.
    What is a star session?Star Sessions allow the Foundation the opportunity to connect with our amazing donors to communicate how we are partnering with the school to successfully support our Star students during the pandemic. Upload, livestream, and create your own videos, all in HD.
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