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  1. Microsoft Search Overview | Microsoft Learn

    • Microsoft Search shows the content that your organization has stored in Microsoft 365 or has indexed through connectors. Microsoft Search doesn't search across tenants or show results from conte… See more


    Microsoft Search helps you find what you need to complete what you're working on. Whether … See more

    Microsoft Learn
    What users see

    In Bing, users use the same search box as for web searches. In the Office apps, users find the Microsoft Search box in the header bar. It looks like this:
    When user… See more

    Microsoft Learn
    Benefits of Microsoft Search

    Search across Microsoft 365 from any Microsoft Search box – Users can search from any Microsoft Search box and get quickly back to what they were doing. Microsoft S… See more

    Microsoft Learn
    Tailoring Microsoft Search to your organization

    As an administrator you can create an amazing Microsoft Search experience for your users.
    Show useful content – Answers provide fast, authori… See more

    Microsoft Learn
    How Microsoft Search works

    When a user searches, Microsoft Search processes the query and parses search intent from larger phrases, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn common superfluou… See more

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  2. Learn about Microsoft Search in Microsoft 365

    WEBLearn how to use Microsoft Search to find what you need from work or the web, from anywhere you are. See how Microsoft Search can make Office more powerful and integrate with Bing, videos, files, and people.

  3. Microsoft Search

  4. Find what you need with search in Microsoft 365 apps

    WEBLearn how to use the Microsoft Search box at the top of your Microsoft 365 apps on Windows to quickly find text, commands, help, and more. See how to share files, get definitions, and collaborate with colleagues using …

  5. Find what you need with Microsoft Search - Microsoft …

    WEBIf you’re looking for something for work or school and can’t remember the exact name or location, you’ll probably end up searching for it within whatever tool you’re using, such as Windows, Teams, Outlook, Bing for …

  6. Introducing the new Search & Intelligence admin portal experience

  7. Set up Microsoft Search | Microsoft Learn

  8. Microsoft Search, bringing intelligence to your world of …

    WEBNov 4, 2019 · Whether you're looking for people, insights, or information in Microsoft 365 or in ServiceNow, Salesforce, and more, connectors with Microsoft Search allow you to bring your organizational information to …

  9. What's New in Microsoft Search - Microsoft Community Hub

  10. Welcome to Microsoft Search, intelligent search for the modern ...

  11. Microsoft Search—cohesive search that intelligently …

    WEBSep 24, 2018 · Microsoft Search. At Ignite last year, we introduced personalized search across Office 365, a way to bring intelligent search and discovery experiences directly to you. Today, we’re delighted to …

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  13. Microsoft 365 - Subscription for Office Apps | Microsoft 365

  14. Microsoft Search in Bing and Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

  15. Tips and tricks on how to search for organizational content more ...

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  17. Introducing – and Managing – Microsoft Search in Bing through …

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