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    How do I start line-mode browsing?A good place to start your line-mode browsing is with the first web page ever published. Using the line-mode browser simulator, you can see how this page would have looked over twenty years ago. What’s amazing is that the first web page still works in a modern browser. You’ll also find that many modern web pages will work in the line-mode browser.
    What is linemode browser?The LineMode Browser is suitable for use on dumb terminals, requiring no control sequences except for carriage return and line feed. It is also of course useable from terminal emulators in workstation windows. It can also be used as a text formatter, as part of a mail server, and as a general information retrieval tool. See :
    Was the Line-Mode Browser the world's first web browser?And so we gathered in a war-room at CERN on the 18th and 19th of September to hack away at recreating the experience of using the line-mode browser in a modern browser—browserception! Just to be clear, the line-mode browser wasn’t the world’s first web browser. That honour goes to Tim Berners-Lee’s WorldWideWeb programme.
    When was the Line Mode Browser released?The Line Mode Browser was released to a limited audience on VAX, RS/6000 and Sun-4 computers in March 1991. Before the release of the first publicly available version, it was integrated into the CERN Program Library (CERNLIB), used mostly by the High-Energy Physics -community.
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    WEBSep 19, 2013 · This simpler browser, the line-mode browser, helped the web to take off. CERN wants to bring the line-mode browser experience back to life so that people can step back in time and relive what it was …

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