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  2. It’s a hotel. The rule for choosing between "a" and "an" is based on pronunciation, and not spelling. Since the word hotelbegins with a consonant sound (the "h" is clearly pronounced), we use the article "a".
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    What does Hôtel mean in English?hôtel (plural hôtels) Archaic spelling of hotel . Inherited from Middle French hostel from Old French ostel; inherited from Late Latin hospitāle (“hospice, shelter, guesthouse”), noun use of Latin hospitālis (“hospitable; relating to a host or guest”). Doublet of hôpital . hôtel m (plural hôtels)
    Is m masculine or feminine in French?In French, nouns ( substantives m.) are either masculine ( m.) or feminine ( f. ). Each gender has its own article. le jour m. la nuit f. Les is the plural article for both masculine and feminine nouns. When the noun begins with a vowel or a silent 'h', the le or la simply becomes l'. l' ombre m. l' abeille f. l' hôtel m. un bâtiment m.
    How do you know if a noun is feminine in French?Unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast way to simply master noun gender rules in French. Feminine nous in French often end in the letter -e. However, unlike Spanish, where feminine noun almost always end in -a, nouns ending in -e in French are not necessarily feminine.
    How do you know if a person is masculine or feminine?un bâtiment m. une maison f. des choix m. des filles f. Guessing the gender of people nouns is easy. If you're referring to a male, it's masculine, otherwise it's feminine. Many people nouns have both masculine and femine forms. Some people nouns are always either masculine or feminine, regardless of whether it refers to a guy or a girl.
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