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    IP ad·dress
    [ˌīˈpē əˌdres]
    IP address (noun) · IP addresses (plural noun)
    1. a unique string of characters that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.
    from IP, short for Internet Protocol.
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    What is an IP address & how does it work?It's used in all Internet communication to handle both addressing and routing. The protocol describes the use of IP addresses to uniquely identify Internet-connected devices. Just like homes need mailing addresses to receive mail, Internet-connected devices need an IP address to receive messages.
    What is an IP address & why is it important?In essence, IP addresses are the identifier that allows information to be sent between devices on a network: they contain location information and make devices accessible for communication. The internet needs a way to differentiate between different computers, routers, and websites.
    How do I understand an IP address?To understand an IP address, it’s important to learn what IP is in the first place. Internet Protocol (IP) is a set of governing rules for data packets, data format, or datagram sent through a local network or the internet. It is a connectionless and datagram-oriented protocol as it works on a dynamic computer network.
    What does IP address mean in a data packet?Andrew Blankstein, NBC News, 11 Apr. 2024 With some exceptions, the IP address (a network address) in a data packet is sufficient to ensure that packet can be delivered anywhere on the Internet by a sequence of other routers operated by service providers and carriers. IEEE Spectrum, 7 Apr. 2024
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    WEBLearn what an IP address is, how it works, and how to locate it. Find out the difference between IPv4 and IPv6, public and private IP addresses, static and dynamic IP addresses, and more.

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    WEBIP address definition. An IP address is a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network. IP stands for "Internet Protocol," which is the set of rules governing the format of data sent via …

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    WEBSep 12, 2023 · An IP address is a number that identifies a device on a network or the internet. Learn about IPv4, IPv6, public, private, static, and dynamic IP addresses and how to find them.

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    WEBMar 24, 2021 · An IP address is a unique identifier associated with your online activity. Learn how it works, how it changes, how to hide it, and why you should care.


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