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    What is a search engine?search engine, computer program to find answers to queries in a collection of information, which might be a library catalog or a database but is most commonly the World Wide Web.
    What is Google search engine used for?Google search engine is commonly used to search any query. Also, Some other popular search engines are available like Yahoo, Bing, and Duckduckgo. But, there are tons of search engines available on the internet for different requirements. Mostly, All people use the Google search engine for all types of search queries.
    Which search engine is best?Bing is known for superior image and video search options. Visual search lets you drag a picture or take a photo for your search. It also offers voice search and can answer your queries out loud if you want. Mojeek is a UK-based search engine with a focus on privacy.
    Which search engine has a search facility for online databases?Search engines, including web search engines, selection-based search engines, metasearch engines, desktop search tools, and web portals and vertical market websites have a search facility for online databases . Yahoo! Search † † Main website is a portal Walla! Yahoo! Japan Openverse, search engine for open content. General: Academic materials only:
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