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    What does Bilibili stand for?Bilibili (stylized in all lowercase ), nicknamed B Site, is a video-sharing website based in Shanghai where users can submit, view, and add overlaid commentary on videos.
    Who is Bilibili & AcFun?Inspired by similar video sharing websites, Nico Nico Douga and AcFun, Xu Yi ( Chinese: 徐逸; pinyin: Xú Yì, known as "⑨bishi" on the internet) founded Bilibili in 2009. At the time, Xu Yi was an AcFun user and wanted to create a better website than AcFun.
    When did Bilibili start?As it grew, he reshaped the website to specialise in video sharing and launched it on 14 January 2010 with the name Bilibili, a nickname for the protagonist Mikoto Misaka in the anime A Certain Scientific Railgun.
    Is Bilibili censored?Similar to other Chinese video sharing websites, Bilibili is subject to strict censorship. As of 10 February 2017, individual users are prohibited from uploading videos regarding politics, with only certified bodies allowed to upload political content.
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    WebSep 3, 2023 · Bilibili is an app for watching anime series with HD quality and no ads. You can also enjoy live commented videos in your language and join the anime community.

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    WebJan 16, 2024 · bilibili is a popular platform for ACG, 2D, music, beauty and more content, with no ads and interactive barrages. However, the app is only in Chinese and may have some issues with images not loading on …

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    WebNov 22, 2021 · Bilibili showcases over 50 new Chinese anime titles at ANIME MADE BY BILIBILI 2021-2022, including adaptations of The Three-Body Problem, The Legend of Princess Chang-Ge and Sword and Fairy …

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    WebSep 2, 2021 · Bilibili is a popular youth-oriented video streaming and sharing platform with features like "Danmu" or "bullet chat". It has a large and diverse community of young users who love videos with comments …

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    WebBilibili is a popular video-sharing app that hosts user-generated content on gaming, animation, and comics. Learn how Bilibili works, who uses it, and how marketers can leverage it to reach massive Gen Z audiences in China.

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