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  2. Super Mario 64 secret stars are hidden in secret levels around Peach's Castle1. Some of the secret levels and stars are2:
    • The Princess' Secret Slide: two stars
    • The Secret Aquarium: one star
    • Wing Mario Over the Rainbow: one star
    • The three cap levels (Vanish Cap Under the Moat, Cavern of the Metal Cap, Tower of the Wing Cap): three stars (one in each level)
    • The three Bowser levels (Bowser in the Dark World, Bowser in the Fire Sea, Bowser in the Sky): three stars (one in each level)
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    There are 120 Power Stars players can collect in Super Mario 64. Of those, 15 are hidden in secret levels around Peach's Castle. These are known as the Castle Secret Stars. While all these stars are not needed in order to beat Super Mario 64, it is required for players that want to get 100 percent completion.…

    Secret Stars

    • There are two stars on The Princess' Secret Slide.
    • There is one star in The Secret Aquarium.
    • Another star can be found in Wing Mario Over the Rainbow.…
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