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  2. How to Search for a Specific Website

    1. Open Google. Go to in your preferred web browser.
    2. Click the search bar. It's in the middle of the page.
    3. Indicate that you want to search a specific site. Type site: into the search bar.
    4. Type in your site's address without the "www" part. This should go immediately after the site: tag with no space in between.
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    How do I search a site with Google?To search a site with Google, go to and type “ site: ” followed by the URL you want to search. For example, if we wanted to search within the site, we would type " " into Google’s search bar and hit the search button. This would show search results only from the domain.
    What is a Google Site Search?A Google site search involves using Google to search through one specific domain. When you perform a site search, you’re telling Google to return results from only that specific site—not the entire internet. To perform a site search, add “ site: ” in front of the domain URL you want to search: There’s no space between the colon and the URL.
    How do I search for a single website?Narrow your search to a single website with this tip In a Google search, type site: followed by the domain and extension, like Then, include your search, and press Enter. To search by domain extension, type site: followed by the extension, like followed by your search, and press Enter.
    How do I search multiple websites using Google?For multiple sites, type site: and website URL (no spaces) for each website, then add OR between each entry. This article explains how to use Google to search individual website domains for your desired topics. For example, searching .edu sites or some other top-level domain (TLD) for info about the Jurassic period.
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