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  2. What is the list of disability disorders?

    Answered by verified global health professionals

    Dr. Himabindu Sreenivasulu

    Dr. Himabindu Sreenivasulu community pageMBBS · 1 years of expThere are many types of disability disorders, including physical disabilities, like paralysis, and development...Read more
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    How many types of disabilities are there?There are 21 types of disabilities identified under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
    What exercises can I do if I am disabled?

    Dr. Anet Varghese

    Doctor of Medicine (MBBS) · 1 years of exp

    You can try simple exercises like walking, jumping, shoulder retraction exercises, chest squeezing exercises, toe taps, knee lifts, etc. It is proved that aerobics and aqua jogging will benefit the disabled in a great way. Exercising in water will provide more support to your body and reduce risk of muscle/joint discomfort. But, do water exercises only under proper assistance.
    Q&A: Disability
    How are disabilities classified?Due to the complexity of disabilities, the classification of disabilities varies in censuses, surveys, and guidebooks across countries (Banks et al. 2017; Hollar 2005; Horner-Johnson et al. 2013; Reichard et al. 2015 ). Many classifications are defined mainly by the impairments or disorders (Banks et al. 2017; WHO and World Bank 2011 ).
    link.springer.com/referenceworkentry/10.1007/978-3-030 …
    What are the different types of developmental disabilities?Individuals with developmental disabilities may exhibit behavioral problems, convulsions, inability to move, and communication difficulties. Some common developmental disabilities include intellectual and development disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, metabolic disorders, sensory-related disabilities, and degenerative disorders.
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