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    shelter (noun) · shelters (plural noun)
    1. a place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger.
      • a place providing food and accommodations for the homeless.
      • an animal sanctuary.
      • a shielded or safe condition; protection:
        "he hung back in the shelter of a rock" · "you're welcome to take shelter from the storm"
    shelter (verb) · shelters (third person present) · sheltered (past tense) · sheltered (past participle) · sheltering (present participle)
    1. protect or shield from something harmful, especially bad weather:
      "the hut sheltered him from the cold wind"
      • find refuge or take cover from bad weather or danger:
        "people were sheltering under store canopies and trees"
      • prevent (someone) from having to do or face something difficult or unpleasant:
        "we are sheltered from the awfulness of reality"
      • protect (income) from taxation:
        "only your rental income can be sheltered"
    late 16th century: perhaps an alteration of sheld, an old spelling of shield, + -ure.
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    Similar and Opposite Words
    1. protect or shield from something harmful, especially bad weather:
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  2. People also ask
    What is a tax shelter?A shelter is also a place to go for help, e.g. a homeless shelter is for those with nowhere to sleep, a bomb shelter protects people in a war zone and an animal shelter houses dogs and cats without a home. You've probably heard people talking about tax shelters, which are investments that protect your money from being taxed by the government.
    What does shelter mean?Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! The meaning of SHELTER is something that covers or affords protection. How to use shelter in a sentence.
    What does sheltered mean in a sentence?[intransitive] to stay in a place that protects you from the weather or from danger A bomb fell on the building, killing those who were sheltering inside. shelter from something We sheltered from the rain in a doorway. Spectators sheltered under umbrellas as the rain got heavier. As the storm approached, they tried to find somewhere to shelter.…
    What does sheltered a person mean?shelter somebody/something from somebody/something Trees shelter the house from the wind. shelter somebody/something helping the poor and sheltering the homeless The American government has accused them of sheltering terrorists. Perhaps I sheltered my daughter too much (= protected her too much from unpleasant or difficult experiences).…
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