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    secure (adjective)
    1. fixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose, or be lost:
      "check to ensure that all nuts and bolts are secure"
      • not subject to threat; certain to remain or continue safe and unharmed:
        "they are working to ensure that their market share remains secure against competition"
      • protected against attack or other criminal activity:
        "the official said that no airport could be totally secure"
      • (of a place of detention) having provisions against the escape of inmates:
        "a secure unit for youthful offenders"
      • feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety:
        "everyone needs to have a home and to feel secure and wanted"
      • dated
        (secure of)
        feeling no doubts about attaining; certain to achieve:
        "she remained poised and complacent, secure of admiration"
    secure (verb) · secures (third person present) · secured (past tense) · secured (past participle) · securing (present participle)
    1. fix or attach (something) firmly so that it cannot be moved or lost:
      "pins secure the handle to the main body"
      • make (a door or container) hard to open; fasten or lock:
        "doors are likely to be well secured at night"
      • protect against threats; make safe:
        "the government is concerned to secure the economy against too much foreign ownership"
      • capture (a person or animal):
        "the suspect is secured and in the back of a patrol car"
      • succeed in obtaining (something), especially with difficulty:
        "the division secured a major contract"
      • seek to guarantee repayment of (a loan) by having a right to take possession of an asset in the event of nonpayment:
        "a loan secured on your home"
    mid 16th century (in the sense ‘feeling no apprehension’): from Latin securus, from se- ‘without’ + cura ‘care’.
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