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    sec·ond string
    [səˈkänd, ˈsekənd striNG]
    second string (noun) · second strings (plural noun) · a second string to one's bow (noun)
    1. (in sports) the players who are available to replace or relieve those who start a game:
      "he will play in goal for City's second string" · "the second-string quarterback"
    2. (a second string to one's bow)
      an alternative resource or course of action in case another one fails:
      "he had a second string to his bow in the form of songwriting" · "he was principally a batsman and bowling was the second string to his bow"
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  3. Second string is an idiom. We will examine the meaning of the expression second string, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences. Second string refers to someone or something that is an emergency alternative to someone or something.
    The meaning of SECOND-STRING is being a substitute as distinguished from a regular (as on a ball team).
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