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    save (verb) · saves (third person present) · saved (past tense) · saved (past participle) · saving (present participle)
    1. keep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger:
      "she saved a boy from drowning"
      • prevent (someone) from dying:
        "the doctors did everything they could to save him"
      • (in Christian use) preserve (a person's soul) from damnation:
        "church ladies approach me trying to save my soul"
      • keep (someone) in health (used in exclamations and formulaic expressions):
        "God save the Queen"
    2. keep and store up (something, especially money) for future use:
      "she had never been able to save much from her salary" · "you can save up for retirement in a number of ways"
      • preserve (something) by not expending or using it:
        "save your strength till later"
        (save it)
        used to tell someone to stop talking:
        "save it, Joey—I'm in big trouble now"
    3. computing
      keep (data) by moving a copy to a storage location, especially from memory:
      "save it to a new file"
    4. avoid the need to use up or spend (money, time, or other resources):
      "save $20 on a new camcorder" · "an efficient dishwasher would save them one year and three months at the sink"
      • avoid, lessen, or guard against:
        "this approach saves wear and tear on the books" · "the statement was made to save the government some embarrassment"
    5. prevent an opponent from scoring (a goal or point) in a game or from winning (the game):
      "the powerful German saved three match points"
      • (of a goalkeeper in soccer and hockey) stop (a shot) from entering the goal.
      • baseball
        (of a relief pitcher in certain game situations) finish (a game) while preserving a winning position gained by another pitcher.
    save (noun) · saves (plural noun)
    1. baseball
      an instance of a relief pitcher saving a game.
      • (in soccer and hockey) an act of preventing an opponent's scoring:
        "the keeper made a great save"
      • bridge
        another term for sacrifice
    2. computing
      an act of saving data to a storage location, usually the hard drive:
      "the recovery feature enables you to retrieve most of the edits you made since the last save"
    Middle English: from Old French sauver, from late Latin salvare, from Latin salvus ‘safe’. The noun dates from the late 19th century.
    1. other than; except for:
      "no one needed to know save herself" · "the dish needs no accompaniment, save a robust red wine" · "the building was empty save for the security guards"
    1. except:
      "little is known of his early life, save that he went to school in Brighton"
    Middle English: from Old French sauf, sauve, from Latin salvo, salva (ablative singular of salvus ‘safe’), used in phrases such as salvo jure, salva innocentia ‘with no violation of right or innocence’.
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    Similar and Opposite Words
    1. keep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger:
      • keep and store up (something, especially money) for future use:
        fritter away
        • avoid the need to use up or spend (money, time, or other resources):
          be (more) economical
          make economies
          scrimp and scrape
          be thrifty
          be frugal
          make cutbacks
          husband one's resources
          cut costs
          cut expenditure
          draw in one's horns
          watch one's pennies
          rake and scrape
          be extravagant
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