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    retrench (verb) · retrenches (third person present) · retrenched (past tense) · retrenched (past participle) · retrenching (present participle)
    1. (of a company, government, or individual) reduce costs or spending in response to economic difficulty:
      "as a result of the recession the company retrenched" · "if people are forced to retrench their expenditure trade will suffer"
      • formal
        reduce or diminish (something) in extent or quantity:
        "withering household incomes have caused families to retrench their spending"
    late 16th century (in the now formal usage): from obsolete French retrencher, variant of retrancher, from re- (expressing reversal) + trancher ‘to cut, slice’.
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    Similar and Opposite Words
    1. (of a company, government, or individual) reduce costs or spending in response to economic difficulty:
      make cutbacks
      make savings
      make economies
      reduce expenditure
      be economical
      be sparing
      be frugal
      husband one's resources
      draw in one's horns
      scrimp and save
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  2. People also ask
    What is another word for retrench?Some common synonyms of retrench are abbreviate, abridge, curtail, and shorten. While all these words mean "to reduce in extent," retrench suggests a reduction in extent or costs of something felt to be excessive. When is abbreviate a more appropriate choice than retrench?
    What does retrenched mean?A New South Wales cleaning contractor retrenched an employee using a standard retrenchment letter. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: retrenched meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of retrench 2. If governments, companies, etc. retrench, they…. Learn more.
    What is the meaning of retrenchment?To cut down or reduce (esp. expenses); curtail. To cut off or out; omit or delete. To reduce expenses; economize. To cut down or reduce. To abridge; to curtail. To confine; to limit; to restrict. To furnish with a retrenchment (defensive work within a fortification). To retrench bastions. To take up a new defensive position.
    How do you say retrench in a sentence?1. economize, save, cut back, make savings, scrimp and save, be frugal, make economies, make cutbacks, tighten your belt, husband Cuts in spending forced them to retrench. 2. cut back, cut, limit, reduce, trim, diminish, decrease, prune, lessen, curtail, pare It promised to retrench its London-based markets.
    What does retrench mean in Ghostbusters?to cut down, reduce, or diminish; curtail (expenses). to cut off or remove. Military. to protect by a retrenchment. They retrenched by eliminating half of the workers. Whether those future installments continue to expand the Ghostbusters world or retrench in the familiar remains to be seen.
    When was retrench first used?The earliest known use of the verb retrench is in the late 1500s. OED's earliest evidence for retrench is from 1587, in a letter by Lord Buckhurst. retrench is a borrowing from French. Etymons: French retrencher.
  3. to remove a worker from his or her job as a way of reducing costs: The government is to retrench 30,000 public servants in the next three years. An employee you retrenched may be able to bring an unfair dismissal claim.
    retrench / (rɪˈtrɛntʃ) / verb to reduce or curtail (costs); economize (tr) to shorten, delete, or abridge (tr) to protect by a retrenchment
    /rɪˈtrentʃɪŋ/ [intransitive] (formal) (of a business, government, etc.) to spend less money; to reduce costs The Board of Directors realized the need to retrench in the face of falling demand.…
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