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    remoteness (noun)
    1. the state of being distant from something else, in particular from the main centers of population:
      "the remoteness of the location hindered development"
    2. lack of connection with or relationship to something:
      "the remoteness of their lives from those of average people has become starkly visible"
    3. the state of being unlikely to occur:
      "the remoteness of a solution"
    4. the quality of being aloof and unfriendly:
      "his diffidence could sometimes be misread as remoteness"
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  2. remoteness noun [U] (DIFFERENCE) the fact of not being closely related to something: Charlotte felt a numb remoteness from the wider world. The popular association with modern art is its remoteness from the symbols and values of the majority of people.…
    remoteness noun the quality of being remote Samuel Johnson's Dictionary Rate this definition: 0.0 / 0 votes Remoteness noun State of being remote; distance; not nearness. Etymology: from remote. The joys of heaven are like the stars, which by reason of our remoteness appear extremely little.
    : being, relating to, or involving a means of doing or using something indirectly or from a distance: such as a : using or involving a network connection between computers or systems in different locations a remote workforce
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