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    megastore (noun) · megastores (plural noun) · mega-store (noun) · mega-stores (plural noun)
    1. a very large store, typically one specializing in a particular type of product:
      "a computer megastore"
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    What does Megastore mean?大商店,大商场… Need a translator? Get a quick, free translation! megastore definition: 1. a very large shop: 2. a very large store: 3. a very large store that sells a wide range of…. Learn more.
    What is a megastore & how does it work?Megastores is a pure online remarkable marketplace for Indian handicrafts and handloom where artisans, NGOs, SHGs, Government Organisations, and Brands can register and sell their handcrafted products directly to the customers in their name at their own price. This assures customers an authentic quality purchase at a fair price.
    What is toys Megastore?Toys Megastore is a marketplace for sellers. A lot of sellers are based in China and therefore have a long delivery time. The products are advertised with very similar branded packaging. Instead what you think you’re buying is very very tiny, making the whole purchase a complete false economy.
    What is battery Megastore?Battery Megastore was created as a straightforward way for you to buy batteries at competitive prices either over the internet or via telephone. All of our prices quoted by internet or by telephone are fully inclusive of VAT and delivery – there are Use this space to tell other eBay members about yourself and what you’re passionate about.
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