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    look after
    [look after]
    1. take care of someone or something:
      "Meg is expected to come straight home from school and look after her younger sister" · "I'm quite capable of looking after myself" · "paintings here are incredibly well looked after"
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    1. take care of someone or something:
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    What is another word for look after?Other forms: looked after; looking after; looks after To look after someone is to keep an eye on or watch them. Many parents count on their oldest children to look after their younger siblings.
    What does look out mean?To regard in a certain way: looked on them as incompetents. To be watchful or careful; take care: If you don't look out, you may fall on the ice. We looked out for each other on the trip. To examine or inspect, often in hasty fashion: looked over the proposal before the meeting. 1. To expect or hope to: He looked to hear from her within a week. 2.
    What does'see after' mean?Also, look out for; see after. Take care of, attend to the safety or well-being of, as in Please look after your little brother, or We left Jane to look out for the children, or Please see after the luggage. The first expression dates from the second half of the 1300s, the second from the mid-1900s, and the third from the early 1700s.
    What does look after mean in English?The English phrasal verb LOOK AFTER has the following meaning: 1. Look after = to take care of someone/something (transitive) When you make sure that someone/something is safe and well. To take care of someone (or something) by doing what is needed to keep them well or in good condition. You can look after another person OR yourself.
  3. To take care of; be responsible for
    • According to 2 sources
    Look after definition: to take care of; be responsible for.
    look after vb (intr, preposition) to take care of; be responsible for: she looked after the child while I was out to follow with the eyes: he looked after the girl thoughtfully
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