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    lock-up (noun) · lock-ups (plural noun) · lockup (noun) · lockups (plural noun)
    1. a jail, especially a temporary one.
    2. the locking up of premises for the night.
      • the time when premises are locked up:
        "hurrying back to their dorms before lockup"
    3. the action of becoming fixed or immovable:
      "anti-lock braking helps prevent wheel lockup"
    4. an investment in assets which cannot readily be realized or sold on in the short term.
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    Similar and Opposite Words
    1. a jail, especially a temporary one.
      police cell
      place of detention
      place of confinement
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    What does lockup mean?Need even more definitions? Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! The meaning of LOCKUP is jail; especially : a local jail where persons are detained prior to court hearing. How to use lockup in a sentence.
    What is a lockup logo?Businesses often use a lockup, sometimes called a combination logo, as their primary identifying mark. The trick is to find the best combination of visual appeal and clear communication while meeting the restrictions of any specific application. What type of logo do I need?…
    What does it mean to lock a building?Building to shut in a place fastened by a lock or locks, as for security or restraint. Building to make fast or immovable by or as if by a lock: He locked the steering wheel on his car. Building to make fast or immovable, as by engaging parts: to lock the wheels of a wagon. to join or unite firmly by interlinking or intertwining: to lock arms.
    What is the difference between a shop and a lock-up garage?On his release from the police lock-up he was sent to the hospital to have his various wounds seen to, and then brought back to the village. In contrast, shops are normally separate lock-up establishments in a defined space and much easier to defend. The not so good news is that 8,000 of those properties are lock-up garages.
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    • According to 2 sources
    Also found in: Thesaurus, Legal, Financial, Acronyms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. lock·up (lŏk′ŭp′) n. 1. Informal A jail, especially one in which offenders are held while awaiting a court hearing.
    lock•up (lok′ up′), n. a jail, esp. a local one for temporary detention. the act of locking up or the state of being locked up. a temporary imprisonment or detention, as of suspects or prisoners.
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