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    guard (verb) · guards (third person present) · guarded (past tense) · guarded (past participle) · guarding (present participle)
    1. watch over in order to protect or control:
      "the gates were guarded by uniformed soldiers" · "they were sent to guard villagers from attack by bandits"
      • watch over (someone) to prevent them escaping:
        "his task was to help guard Japanese soldiers"
      • watch over (someone) to prevent them from escaping:
        "police officers were guarding inmates who could not be accommodated in prison"
      • basketball
        stay close to (an opponent) in order to prevent a good shot, pass, or drive:
        "when a player is so closely guarded he cannot pass the ball"
    2. protect against damage or harm:
      "the company fiercely guarded its independence"
      • (guard against)
        take precautions against:
        "farmers must guard against sudden changes in the market"
    guard (noun) · guards (plural noun) · Guards (plural noun)
    1. a person who keeps watch, especially a soldier or other person formally assigned to protect a person or to control access to a place:
      "a security guard" · "he distracted the soldier on guard duty"
      • a body of soldiers serving to protect a place or person:
        "the hound belonged to a member of the castle's guard"
      • the household troops of the British army.
        a prison warder.
    2. a device worn or fitted to prevent injury or damage:
      "a retractable blade guard"
      • a chain attached to a watch or bracelet to prevent loss.
    3. a defensive posture adopted in a boxing, fencing, or martial arts contest or in a fight:
      "this kick can curl around an otherwise effective guard"
      • a state of caution, vigilance, or preparedness against adverse circumstances:
        "he let his guard slip enough to make some unwise comments"
      an official who rides on and is in general charge of a train.
    5. american football
      each of two offensive players positioned either side of the center.
      • basketball
        each of two backcourt players chiefly responsible for running the team's offense.
    late Middle English (in the sense ‘care, custody’): from Old French garde (noun), garder (verb), of West Germanic origin. Compare with ward.
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    What does a guard do?Show more... A guard is someone such as a soldier, police officer, or prison officer who is guarding a particular place or person. The prisoners overpowered their guards and locked them in a cell. If you guard a place, person, or object, you watch them carefully, either to protect them or to stop them from escaping.
    What does guard mean?The meaning of GUARD is one assigned to protect or oversee another. How to use guard in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of Guard.
    What does Guardia mean?guardia, guarda, carcelero… carcereiro, carcereira, guarda… Need a translator? Get a quick, free translation! GUARD meaning: 1. someone whose job is to make certain someone does not escape or to protect a place or another….
    What does safeguard mean?safeguard implies taking precautionary protective measures against merely possible danger. Noun There were dozens of police officers standing guard along the parade route. Tourists gather every day to watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. The guard must be in place before operating the meat slicer.
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