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    [əˈstabliSHmənt, eˈstabliSHmənt]
    establishment (noun) · establishments (plural noun) · Establishment (noun) · the Establishment (noun) · Church Establishment (noun)
    1. the action of establishing something or being established:
      "the establishment of a scholarship renews that personal interest of donors in students"
      • archaic
        a marriage:
        "her chief solicitude was to procure an affluent establishment for their daughter"
    2. a business organization, public institution, or household:
      "hotels or catering establishments"
    3. (the Establishment)
      a group in a society exercising power and influence over matters of policy or taste, and seen as resisting change:
      "he scandalized the Establishment of his day" · "she became an establishment figure"
      • an influential group within a specified profession or area of activity:
        "rumblings of discontent among the medical establishment"
    4. (the Establishmentthe Church Establishment)
      the ecclesiastical system organized by law.
      • the Church of England or of Scotland.
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    What does established mean?n. 1. a. The act of establishing. b. The condition or fact of being established. 2. Something established, as: a. An arranged order or system, especially a legal code. b. A permanent civil, political, or military organization. c. An established church. d. A place of residence or business with its possessions and staff. e.
    What does establishment mean?The meaning of ESTABLISHMENT is something established. How to use establishment in a sentence.
    What does establishing mean?the act or an instance of establishing. the state or fact of being established. something established; a constituted order or system. Often the Establishment .
    What do you mean by establishment of an organization?The establishmentof an organization or system is the act of creating it or beginning it. The establishment of the regional government in 1980 did not end terrorism. An establishment is a store, business, or organization occupying a particular building or place. ...a scientific research establishment.…
  3. In sociology and in political science, the term The Establishment describes the dominant social group, the élite who control a polity, an organization, or an institution.
    the establishment [ S, + sing/pl verb ] the important and powerful people who control a country or an organization, especially those who support the existing situation:…
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