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    earn (verb) · earns (third person present) · earned (past tense) · earnt (past tense) · earned (past participle) · earning (present participle)
    1. obtain (money) in return for labor or services:
      "they earn $35 per hour" · "he earns his living as a truck driver"
      • (of an activity) cause (someone) to obtain (money):
        "this latest win earned them $50,000 in prize money"
      • (of capital invested) gain (money) as interest or profit:
        "the dollars can be placed on deposit and earn interest"
      • gain deservedly in return for one's behaviour or achievements:
        "through the years she has earned affection and esteem"
    Old English earnian, of West Germanic origin, from a base shared by Old English esne ‘laborer’.
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    1. obtain (money) in return for labor or services:
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    What does it mean to earn a reputation?[transitive] to get something that you deserve, usually because of something good you have done or because of the good qualities you have earn something He earned a reputation as an expert on tax law. As a teacher, she had earned the respect of her students. I need a rest. I think I've earned it, don't you?…
    What is another word for earn?earn′er, n. 1. procure, make, receive, obtain. See gain 1. to grieve. In Lists: Top 2000 English words, Money terms, PET Vocabulary List - E, more... Synonyms: deserve, win, merit, gain, garner, more... Collocations: earn a [living, living wage], earns [$100,000] a year, earn up to [$10,000], more... ... spend one dollar to earn one point.
    What does earn mean?Need even more definitions? Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! The meaning of EARN is to receive as return for effort and especially for work done or services rendered. How to use earn in a sentence.
    What is the meaning of earned?earned, earn·ing, earns To gain especially for the performance of service, labor, or work: earned money by mowing lawns. To acquire or deserve as a result of effort or action: She earned a reputation as a hard worker. To yield as return or profit: a savings account that earns interest on deposited funds.
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