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    cushion (noun) · cushions (plural noun)
    1. a pillow or pad stuffed with a mass of soft material, used as a comfortable support for sitting or leaning on.
      • something providing support or protection against impact:
        "the pad forms a cushion between carpet and floor" · "a poll showed the candidate with a 14-point cushion"
      • the elastic lining of the sides of a billiard table, from which the ball rebounds.
      • the layer of air supporting a hovercraft or similar vehicle.
    cushion (verb) · cushions (third person present) · cushioned (past tense) · cushioned (past participle) · cushioning (present participle)
    Middle English: from Old French cuissin, based on a Latin word meaning ‘cushion for the hip’, from coxa ‘hip, thigh’. The Romans also had a word cubital ‘elbow cushion’, from cubitus ‘elbow’.
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    How do cushions help to transform a room?Small though they may be, cushions can instantly transform a room by bringing a personal touch to your décor. They’re a great way to add a dash of colour, texture and style and are versatile, working across living rooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces and more.
    Where can I buy cushions directly from the manufacturer?Cushions Xpress is a factory direct manufacturer of foam cushions, down and feather envelopes and cushions, pillows and pillow cases. On this site you can enter the dimensions of any size cushion or pillow and buy online. Our customers include designers, decorators, hospitals, hotels, and department stores.
    Are large cushions more comfortable than smaller ones?Large cushions add support and comfort to a sofa, armchair or bed, while smaller, scatter cushions add flair and personality. Seat pads bring comfort to a hard chair but, if you prefer to sit on the floor, we have some great floor cushions for indoors or outdoors.
  4. The meaning of CUSHION is a soft pillow or pad usually used for sitting, reclining, or kneeling.
    Cushion, pillow, bolster agree in being cases filled with a material more or less resilient, intended to be used as supports for the body or parts of it. A cushion is a soft pad used to sit, lie, or kneel on, or to lean against: cushions on a sofa; cushions on pews in a church.
    Definition of cushion noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary cushion noun /ˈkʊʃn/ /ˈkʊʃn/ ​ (North American English also pillow) a cloth bag filled with soft material or feathers that is used, for example, to make a seat more comfortable…
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