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    amass (verb) · amasses (third person present) · amassed (past tense) · amassed (past participle) · amassing (present participle)
    1. gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of valuable material or things) over a period of time:
      "starting from nothing he had amassed a huge fortune"
      • archaic
        (of people) gather together in a crowd or group:
        "the soldiers were amassing from all parts of Spain"
    late 15th century: from French amasser or medieval Latin amassare, based on Latin massa ‘lump’ (see mass).
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    What does amass mean?Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! The meaning of AMASS is to collect for oneself : accumulate. How to use amass in a sentence.
    What is the opposite of amass?Antonyms for amass. dispel, disperse, dissipate, scatter. 2 to gradually form into a layer, pile, or mass. over the last month a huge mound of paperwork has amassed on my desk.
    What does amassed mean?gathered, collected, or accumulated, usually over time or from different sources: Only one-fifth of the museum’s amassed collection is on display at any given time. having come together or assembled: Looking out at the amassed crowd during the memorial service, he spoke about the friend whose life they were honoring.
    What is a synonym for amass?amass something to collect something, especially in large quantities over a period of time synonym accumulate He amassed a fortune from silver mining. They amassed enough evidence to convict her. The Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus explains the difference between groups of similar words.…
  3. 1. To gather together or accumulate a large quantity of (something): amass evidence; amass a fortune. 2. To be the site of (an increasing mass), especially as a result of neglect: How long has the desk been amassing bills? To come together; collect: troops amassing on the border. See Synonyms at gather.
    verb (used with object) to gather for oneself; collect as one's own: to amass a huge amount of money. to collect into a mass or pile; gather: He amassed his papers for his memoirs. verb (used without object) to come together; assemble: crowds amassing for the parade.
    to get a large amount of something, especially money or information, by collecting it over a long period: He has amassed a huge fortune from his invention. We have amassed a large amount of information.
    amass verb [ T ] us / əˈmæs / uk / əˈmæs / Add to word list to get a large amount of something, especially money or information, by collecting it over a long period:
    amass verb ə-ˈmas amassed; amassing; amasses Synonyms of amass transitive verb 1 : to collect for oneself : accumulate
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