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  2. Next.js is an open-source JavaScript framework created by Vercel which boosts the features of React applications such as Server-Side Rendering and Static Site Generation. It provides many additional features like we get additional data fetching utili...

    import React from'react';
    import Link from'next/link';

    export default class extends React.Component {
    render() {
    return ( {

    <h1>Welcome! You are ready to build
    a Next Js app.</h1>
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    How do I create a next JS app?To create a Next.js app, open your terminal, cd into the directory you’d like to create the app in, and run the following command: Under the hood, this uses the tool called create-next-app, which bootstraps a Next.js app for you. It uses this template through the --example flag. If it doesn’t work, please take a look at this page.
    How do I create a next JS website?Open your favorite browser and visit http://localhost:3000. You should see the text “Your Next.js App” displayed. Congratulations, you have now created a working Next.js website! The /pages directory will hold all of the pages for your website, and the index.js file will serve as your homepage at the / URL path.
    Is create next app up-to-date with the latest JS version?Since Create Next App is now maintained alongside Next.js itself, this template will always be up-to-date with the latest Next.js version! Support for Examples: Create Next App can bootstrap your application using an example from the Next.js examples collection (e.g. npx create-next-app --example api-routes ).
    How do I create a new JS application?You can create a fresh Next.js application using the create-next-app command or manually. Using create-next-app is easier as all you need to do is enter npm create-next-app <app-name> into your command prompt. Alternatively, you can open your package.json file and enter the following scripts: "dev": "next dev",
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    WEBMar 24, 2021 · Create Next.js App. You can create a fresh Next.js application using the create-next-app command or manually. Using create-next-app is easier as all you need to do is enter npm create-next-app

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