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  2. Stage IV brain cancer (Metastatic Anaplastic Medulloblastoma)

    At age 13, Chip Madren was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer (Metastatic Anaplastic Medulloblastoma) and was given a slim chance of survival. With the help of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), years of treatments, and the support of loved ones, Chip beat the odds and defeated his cancer!
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    WebChip Madren. My goal is to help ability diverse people navigate their path to experience the outdoors for all. To see people of any ability level, get up, get out and conquer the challenge or adventure in front of them. ... Chip’s …

  6. WebDiagnosis. Brain or spinal cord tumor. Date of Diagnosis. August 2010. Status. No evidence of disease. Treated At. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. My Story. My name is Chip Madren. Along with my Mom and …

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    WebThe Climb to CURE is the brainchild of Bobby Aiken, CEO of Lendmark Financial Services, who watched one of his childhood friends struggle through his son’s cancer treatment. Chip Madren’s fight became an …

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    WebNov 25, 2022 · Childhood brain cancer left Kenneth Chip Madren disabled, but that didnt stop him from a hunt of a lifetime and bagging a Wyoming bull elk. Eleven years ago, Kenneth “ChipMadren was a …

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