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    protect (verb) · protects (third person present) · protected (past tense) · protected (past participle) · protecting (present participle)
    1. keep safe from harm or injury:
      "he tried to protect Kelly from the attack" · "certain vitamins may protect against heart disease"
    late Middle English: from Latin protect- ‘covered in front’, from the verb protegere, from pro- ‘in front’ + tegere ‘to cover’.
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    What is another word for protects?What is another word for protects? protects. Verb. To keep from harm, or to ensure the safety of. defends. guards. keeps. safeguards. secures.
    How is the word protect different from other verbs like it?Some common synonyms of protect are defend, guard, safeguard, and shield. While all these words mean "to keep secure from danger or against attack," protect implies the use of something (such as a covering) as a bar to the admission or impact of what may attack or injure.
    What is the verb for protect?To keep safe; to defend; to guard; to prevent harm coming to. (travel, aviation) to book a passenger on a later flight if there is a chance they will not be able to board their earlier reserved flight.
    What is the difference between defend and protect?The words defend and protect can be used in similar contexts, but defend denotes warding off actual or threatened attack. When is it sensible to use guard instead of protect? In some situations, the words guard and protect are roughly equivalent. However, guard implies protecting with vigilance and force against expected danger.
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