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    What do people typically use Usenet for?Usenet consists of servers connected to the internet and servers that are not part of the internet. At present, it uses Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) for data transmission and primarily for file sharing. How Usenet evolved? Usenet started even before the internet came into life.
    What does Usenet mean?Usenet, or Unix User Network is a communications medium in which users read and post textual messages (called "articles") to a number of distributed bulletin boards (called " newsgroups "). The medium is sustained among a large number of servers, which store and forward messages with one another.
    Can you describe Usenet?Usenet was an early Internet discussion platform, a system akin to modern day message boards. And for a lot of early Internet adopters, it was a platform for conversations that spanned the globe and their preferred method of contact with like-minded spirits. Which is why two Usenet threads, posted exactly two months apart in 1991, laid the ...
    Is Usenet safer than BitTorrent?Your definitely safer on Usenet than openly using BitTorrent, but if you’re using BitTorrent with the security measures mentioned above they’re about equal. Image: inane_spiel.
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