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    1. an early non-centralized computer network for the discussion of particular topics and the sharing of files via newsgroups.
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    What does Usenet stand for?USENET, an Internet -based network of discussion groups. USENET began in 1979 when two graduate students at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis, came up with a way to exchange messages and files between computers using UNIX -to-UNIX copy protocol (UUCP).
    What happened to Usenet?Over the years, Usenet began to decline as discussions were replaced both by spam and flame wars. Group discussions were also overwhelmed by flame wars. While Elon Musk can claim that unlimited free speech is a virtue, it actually ends up with endless floods of vile messages.
    What is Usenet history?Let’s start with the Usenet History , and don’t worry, we will only discuss it briefly to give you an idea of how Usenet Started.Usenet is a worldwide distributed discussion system that was first developed as a personal project by Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis in 1979.
    What is Usenet & how does it work?Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis began the idea in 1979. The system was created in 1980. People read and post messages (called articles, posts or news) to one or more categories. These categories are called newsgroups. Usenet is similar to a bulletin board system (BBS) in many ways. It is the precursor to Internet forums.
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